Artist's Statement

Witnessing the topical yet ephemeral imagery of our times literally corrupted via the chaotic nature of social media's influence is the motivation. Icons become less iconic as they are ingested by the underlying chaos. The viewer is left with a clue to the darkness and horror of our era while bombarded with the transformed, ever brutal truth of the medium itself.


Vic "Delirium" DeLeon is a classically trained artist living in the Pacific NorthWest. His work spans multiple mediums, physical and digital, and frequently exposing the gritty, morose, and outright absurd underbelly of modern life.

A familiar name in the Seattle digital arts and interactive entertainment industry, Vic has produced and directed countless projects over the last 25 years. At Microsoft and Bungie he led teams of artists on the multi-billion-dollar Xbox Halo franchise where he modeled, sculpted, and detailed three-dimensional models and environments. He is currently in a creative leadership role at HTC Vive on the newest generation of consumer and enterprise-level hardware and software. Vic is a published author in VR and has headed multiple projects for UNESCO, OSHA, and NASA.


"Creating microscopic-scale art gives me migraines but I don't let that stop me. Watching the smiles these pieces bring to people's faces makes me feel all better."

"I like to surreptitiously embed subtle scenarios into each piece; hidden messages and meanings, situations and juxtapositions. Viewers feel rewarded when they find something special or meaningful, and instantly feel like they might be in on something others are not. That's precious to me and I try very hard to accomplish this with each piece."


On the Films of Wes Anderson Series

"I love giving viewers a tiny artificial world to explore for themselves very much like a miniature stage play frozen in time. The films of Wes Anderson presented a colorful and fantastical theme that rendered itself well to the typically eccentric nature of my miniature sculptures. The director has used miniatures in several of his films including The Fantastic Mr. Fox, The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou, and most recently in The Grand Budapest Hotel. He professes to enjoying the "old-fashioned artificiality and charm" of miniatures and I tend to agree with him wholeheartedly."



Vic's photographic portraiture as principal for SHOTMAGNET PHOTOGRAPHY has been featured in fashion, fitness and alternative publications worldwide. His work can be seen in Maxim Magazine, Men's Health, and numerous other publications. His most recent photographic works are now available in a beautiful soft and hardcover book. 

Follow him on Twitter @vicdeleon and Instagram @vicdeleon1