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Archaeotherium mortoni, Eocene Fossilized Skull, Resin Cast
Bally 1974 Wizard Pinball, Excellent Condition, with Spare Panels
Winkley Prosthetic Leg Demo Unit with Stand
Plastinated Human Kidney, 2 Halves, in Glass Jar
Walnut Spiral Staircase Miniature, Film Prop
Various Glass Seltzer Bottles
Aphelops kimballensis, Miocene Fossil Skull, Resin Cast
Thermos Yellow Submarine Lunchbox
Plastinated Human Heart, 3 Sections
Surveyor's Sextant
Human Fetal Skeleton Resin Cast with Stand
Yemeni Tribal Mask with MoP Inlay
Skull Trepanning Tool, 1800's
Sculpture, Leopold Loeb by Budd Wilkinson
16" Howdy Doody Marionette, Original Clothing
Brass Monocular Microscope with Loupe, 1935
Kenner 12" Boba Fett Large Size Action Figure
Various Mounted Butterflies & Moths
LeMat Confederate Infantry Revolver Replica
Armadillo Skull, Bleached
Vintage Medical Slide, France
Fossilized Walrus Vertebrae
Nintendo Powerglove
Chrysokolla with Fluorite, 5"
LaMotte Phosphate Ampule Set with Case
Matchless Large Ear Syringe
Medium Quartz Cluster, Minor Flaws
Chameleon Skull, Bleached
Assorted Ephemera and Comic Books
Ear Bone of Unidentified Whale Genus
Amphojel Gastric Drip Apparatus
Juvenile Vervet Monkey Skull, Flawless
Goat Skull, Upper
Medical Examination Table 1948
Recycled Materials Pulley Lamp by Vic Delirium
Recycled Materials Tripod Lamp by Vic Delirium
Brutalist Copper Wall Sculpture by Michael Hewitt, Signed
Mid-Century Brutalist Wall Sconces
Sunburst Clock by Pluto, Walnut & Brass
Selig "Z" chair by Poul Jansen, Walnut & White Fabric
Eames Lounger Reproduction, Walnut & White Leather
Mod Three-Ringed Globe Lamp
Mid-Century Hinged Candle Holder
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